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Marauding at Midnight

She's beautiful, she's rich, she's got huge... tracts of land

For all your sophisticated Cock-Tailing needs
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  • Lambchop919@gmail.com


Sometimes I write fic. Sometimes I read fic. Sometimes I mod. It's all good.

Some things I like:

Art by remeciel and spacefragments

Saiyuki fanart drawn for me by the amazing sarubaby

With regard to friending, no need to ask first - I have no 'policy' about it and I rarely friendslock. My journal is mostly fandom-related, though I do ramble about myself and my life on occasion. While I don't friend everyone back, I do read and browse through journals of people who friend me, and I'll also occasionally browse my friendsfriends page. I try to keep my flist as manageable for me as possible. That said, I suppose I should also state the obvious: if I friend you, there's no obligation to friend me back.

My journal is set to 'adult concepts' by choice. I'm not anyone's net-nanny. If you are under the legal age of consent for your geographic location, that's your own responsibility. I'm not just here for the p0rn, as it were, but I do post it/about it.

With regard to podficcing, should anyone wish to podfic any of my stories, you are more than welcome to. You don't need to ask first, but I would appreciate if you left me a comment when it's finished and posted so I can listen to it!

My Harry Potter, Junjou Romantica, Loveless & Saiyuki fan fiction can be found here on my LJ:

My Fanfic Masterlist

or by tag:

'my HP fanfic' LJ tag

'my Junjou Romantica fanfic' LJ tag

'my Loveless fanfic' LJ tag

'my Saiyuki fanfic' LJ tag

Many of my fics are also archived at:

My Skyhawke Page

The Quidditch Pitch

and now, my fics can be found at:
Archive Of Our Own (AO3)
(though I need to finish uploading them all!)

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